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Discover an amazing array of landscapes, a myriad of animal, bird and plant life, fascinating cultures and tribes all within the country where the 'safari' originated.

Kenya contains almost every landform known to man from true glacial ice to arid deserts, mountain ranges to sprawling savannahs, pristine beaches to dense forests. The Great Rift Valley cuts through this majestic land, its floor littered with beautiful lakes and extinct volcanoes. Mt. Kenya's snow-capped peaks stand sentinel above rolling grassland plains and semi-desert wilderness to the north. Lake Victoria, which feeds the Nile River, dominates the southwest and Lake Turkana with its vast history and haunting landscapes border the north.

Spectacular wildlife found in 48 national parks and game sanctuaries complete this ultimate safari experience for a novice to the most experienced traveler. We offer a diverse range of safaris that include walking, fishing, camel trekking and horseback riding, making it possible to experience Kenya the way our forefathers did when they first discovered this country of adventure.